Spicy Pomegranate Holiday Margaritas

Spicy Pomegranate Holiday Margaritas

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  1. Add tequila, lime, jalapeño slices, and simple syrup to cocktail shaker, and using a muddler or spoon, muddle for 20-30 seconds to release juices from jalapeños and quickly infuse the tequila!
  2. Next, add in cointreau, pomegranate juice, and a large handful of ice.  Put the lid on the shaker and shake it up until it’s too cold to hold!!
  3. Rub a lime wedge along the rim of your glass and twist on a plate of salt and sprinkles.  Add ice to the glass and pour in the margarita!
  4. Garnish each cocktail with a rosemary sprig and option to add more jalapeño slices.
  5. CHEERS!!
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