Chicken Salad and Quinoa Tabouli Lunch Boxes

Chicken Salad Lunch Prep

Healthy and Easy Lunch Meal Prep.  Chicken Salad and Quinoa Tabouli Lunch Boxes- no heating required!


For the Chicken Salad:

For the Quinoa Tabouli:

For the lunch boxes:



  1. Combine all quinoa tabouli ingredients in a medium sized mixing bowl.  Adjust salt and lemon to taste, cover and store in fridge until you are ready to assemble.  
  2. Add mayo, lemon juice, dijon, salt, pepper, tarragon, and garlic powder to a bowl; whisk to combine.  
  3. Add chicken and remaining chicken salad ingredients to a large mixing bowl followed by mayo mixture; stir to combine.  Adjust seasonings to taste.  
  4. To assemble lunch boxes, add grapes to one compartment, quinoa tabouli to another, and chicken salad to the other.  Serve with a lemon wedge, cucumber slices, and crackers.  *See notes


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