Ultimate Super Bowl Recipes

Heyyyyyy Super Bowl, Sunday!

I’ve rounded up ten recipe ideas for you all for tomorrow’s big game!  Whip up some of these goodies, and your guests will without a doubt love you and thank you.  I don’t know about you, but the food spread is much more important than the point spread, so without further ado, let’s do this thing!

Top ten super bowl recipes!


If there is anyone on the planet that doesn’t love a big board filled with cheese, crackers and so many other delicious things, then there might be something wrong with you.  This guide to an Epic Cheeseboard is most definitely a Superbowl must.
Charcuterie and cheese board
The name says it all.  Thin, crispy, sheetpan brownies drizzled with creamy melty cookie butter- pretty much BEGGING to be on your super bowl table this year.  I can guarantee they will be gone before you blink your eyes.
Sheetpan Cookie Butter Brownies
Cheesy Chorizo stuffed gameday peppers are perfect for, well, gameday! They’ve got just enough kick to kick off the game if you ask me! 😉
choirzo stuffed gameday peppers
Life changing carnitas, right here!  Crispy, flavorful and amazing.  Perfect for tacos, bowls, nachos, or even throw it into a big bowl of queso! MMMM yes.

This is just a basic necessity of any gameday!  Eat it with chips or put it on tacos, nachos, or queso!  So easy to whip up and so so delicious.  This version has a little beer, a variety of peppers, and a lot of citrus!  Beyond tasty.


Pico De Gallo


My go-to for seriously any and all gatherings! Sweet onions and cheesy deliciousness baked to golden perfection! You absolutely cannot go wrong with this number.
onion dip
Do you ever want to just dig into the bucket of cookie dough? Well now is your chance.  Edible Cookie Dough freezer bites to your service!
edible cookie dough bites
Chili is basically a requirement of GAME DAY! This white chicken chili really does it for me and is loaded with all the fixin’s.  Keep warm in your slow cooker and people can continue to come back for more throughout the game!
The Best White Chicken Chili Recipe
This Chipotle Turkey Three Bean Chili might be lighter and skinnier than other chili’s, but it sure doesn’t skimp on the flavor!  Perfect for game day or any gathering for that matter.  I even prep it ahead of time sometimes and eat it for lunch! YUM!
Three Bean Chipotle Turkey Chili
Need I say more?  These nachos are loaded with all the things.  Shredded Rotisserie Chicken Corn, Black beans, green chiles, jalepenos, and lots and lots and LOTS of cheese, duh. The best of the best!
 Green Chile Chicken Nachos

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