Strawberry Frosé

If you haven’t already, I think it’s about time for you to jump on the frosé train. It’s quite possibly the most refreshing and delicious cocktail around.  You will be shocked at how easy this recipe is.  Compared to all the other frosé recipes, this one is so simple yet equally as tasty.

Since this recipe calls for frozen rosé, you will need to think ahead and put the rosé into the freezer the night before.  You can either pour the rosé into a plastic bag and into a dish or just pour straight into the dish and freeze.  Either way works as long as you place the dish onto a steady surface.  The first time I attempted this, I opened the freezer door and out slid the bowl right off the shelf and onto the floor! Not happy about that one!

This Strawberry Frosé  is truly the most satisfying, guilt-free, perfect summer cocktail.  I would highly suggest doubling the recipe because it sure does go down like a charm.  Cheers!


Strawberry Frose


  • 1 bottle of dry rosé
  • 1 1/2 c frozen strawberries + a few for topping
  • 3 T simple syrup (equal parts sugar + water)
  • Mint leaves, as garnish


  1. Pour rosé into a dish, cover and freeze overnight. Also an option to pour rosé into a ziplock before placing into dish.
  2. Add frozen rosé, strawberries, and simple syrup to a blender and puree until it becomes thick and slushy.
  3. Serve in a chilled wine glass and garnish with strawberries and mint leaves.
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