How To Make the Perfect Smoothie Bowl

Welcome to SMOOTHIE BOWL 101: a course filled with *TIPPS* and tricks on how to make the perfect smoothie bowl. I have to admit, Smoothie Bowl season is one of my favorites.  What a refreshing, nutritious, and extremely tasty treat to start your day or get you through that mid-afternoon slump.  I’m sure you’ve heard the term “nice cream”, and it’s called that for very good reason.  It’s like enjoying a big bowl of delicious ice cream, but it’s guilt-free, loaded with antioxidants, and super filling.  That’s the coolest thing ever if you ask me.

4 Ingredient Pitaya Smoothie Bowl

I grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and although we definitely get warm summers there also, it doesn’t even compare to the sauna we experience here in Texas.  I can remember the first summer I moved here and was cruising to work one August morning jamming to some tunes (most likely Taylor Swift to get me pumped up for the day), and my dashboard read 118 degrees!!!  You heard me– ONE EIGHTEEN.  I’ve now lived here almost 7 years, so let’s just say i’m getting used to it, but it’s still not okay or normal. However, now you can understand my NEED for smoothie bowls in my life.  Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Are you ready to make a PERFECT, instagram worthy Smoothie Bowl?

Yaaaaaaaaaaas- Let’s do it!

Tropical Pitaya Smoothie Bowl

TIPP #1.) Always use FROZEN fruit!  There is nothing worse than a watery smoothie, and frozen fruit is the key to success. I like to keep a variety of frozen fruit in my freezer at all times for those random smoothie cravings. I keep frozen bananas in my freezer at all times.  Simply peel the bananas, break them in half, and store them in a large ziplock bag in the freezer.

TIPP #2.) Have a variety of your favorite toppings on hand! Toppings are everything– I think it’s fair to say the toppings make the smoothie bowl… otherwise, you’re just eating a smoothie with a spoon.  I keep the following toppings on hand and just mix & match depending on the bowl and how I’m feelin’:

  • bananas
  • granola
  • coconut flakes
  • fresh fruit
  • freeze dried fruit
  • agave nectar
  • hemp hearts
  • chia seeds
  • cacao nibs
  • bee pollen
  • nut butter
Strawberry Acai Smoothie Bowl

TIPP #3.) Your blender is your BFF.  My most-used and favorite kitchen tool ever ever ever is my Vitamix Blender hands down.  I can assure you, it’s worth the investment!  You will get creamy, perfectly blended, cafe-worthy smoothies every single time! It doesn’t have to be a Vitamix by any means, but just make sure it’s a high-powered blender with good reviews.

TIPP #4.) Finally, skip the sugary juices and use coconut water or your favorite nut milk of choice! Also make sure to start with about 1/4 c liquid and add more as needed. The key to a perfect smoothie bowl is the consistency–  if it’s too thin, it’s just not gonna cut it! You can always start with less and add more as needed.

TIPP #5:) For extra oomph and fun times- serve in these cute and eco friendly Coconut Bowls.  They are the best!  You can also use them for soups, salads, stir Fry’s, etc.

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