How to Make the Best Oven Baked Bacon

Ever wonder How to Make the Best Oven Baked Bacon? You know, the kind that comes out perfectly golden, perfectly crisp, and mess-free every.single.time?

If so, you’re in the right spot, and I would advise you to keep reading. 😉


How to Make the Best Oven Baked Bacon

Making bacon in a cast iron skillet is fun and all.. hearing the sizzle.. smelling the smells.. but the clean up is maybe my least favorite thing ever. Not only the pan, but the stove!

I truly despise my clean cook top getting destroyed by bacon grease. IYKYK.

If you’re only making 1 or 2 slices, then sure, go ahead and whip out the cast iron, but for any more than that, Oven Baked Bacon is absolutely the way to go.

How to Make the Best Oven Baked Bacon

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve most likely seen me share these non-stick silicone baking mats a time or two. Or three.

They are a new obsession of mine for many reasons, but to name a few– They are re-usable, a healthful alternative to cooking oils and sprays, dishwasher safe, easy clean up, and can be used for anything you would typically use parchment paper for! Roasted veggies, BACON, potatoes, cookies, etc. etc.

Side note: If you do end up using these baking mats for bacon, just make sure to wipe any excess bacon grease off of the mats with a paper towel before rinsing and placing in the dishwasher.

How to Make the Best Oven Baked Bacon

3 Reasons I prefer making Oven Baked Bacon vs on the Stove Top:

  1. It’s completely HANDS OFF– Baking the bacon in the oven requires little to no effort at all. Simply arrange the bacon on your baking mat and pop in the oven. That’s it! No more standing over the stove, making sure the temperature is just right, flipping every few minutes, and don’t even think about letting that precious bacon burn!! Easy peasy.
  2. Mess-free and easy clean up- not much needs to be said about this other than no more bacon grease popping all around your kitchen. Baking the bacon in your oven ensures super duper easy clean up.
  3. The Bacon comes out perfectly golden and crisp every single time– By placing the bacon in a cold oven to start, this allows the bacon to cook slowly as the temperature increases and it yields perfectly and evenly cooked bacon every time.
How to Make the Best Oven Baked Bacon


How to Make the Best Oven Baked Bacon

How to Make the Best Oven Baked Bacon

How to Make the Best Oven Baked Bacon
  • Author: Lindsay Cola (Tippens)
  • Prep Time: 5
  • Cook Time: 20
  • Total Time: 25 minutes


  • 1 package of your favorite bacon (I love Pederson Farms No Sugar Added Bacon)
  • 1 large rimmed baking sheet
  • 1 large Dexas non-stick silicone baking mat (You can also use parchment paper or foil)


  1. Arrange baking mat (or parchment paper) onto rimmed baking sheet and then add as many bacon slices that will fit.  It’s okay if a few of the slices are touching, just make sure they don’t over lap so they cook evenly.
  2. Place the sheet pan on the center rack of your cold (un pre-heated oven) and THEN set the oven to 400 degrees.
  3. Bake for 17-22 minutes, until golden brown (time will depend on the thickness of your bacon).
  4. Transfer cooked bacon to a paper towel lined plate to absorb grease, and enjoy!!
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    Thank you for the perfect oven-baked bacon recipe! We can’t stop bakin’ bacon!

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