Best Gifts for One Year Olds

Piero is ONE year old! Time sure did fly by, and we had so much fun celebrating his birthday a few weeks ago. Since I’ve gotten lots of questions from you all regarding his favorite toys/good gifts to get a one year old, I wanted to share a few of his favorites with you! All of these gifts are super reasonably priced and make great gifts! Piero is obsessed with pretty much every single one. Ha!

So, without further ado- Let’s get started!!

1.) Step2 Whisper Ride Blue Cruiser– This car is seriously ahhh-mazing!! Piero is IN LOVE with this thing, and it’s so cute watching him hold on to the steering wheel and just cruise around! I’m very thankful for this car right about now because he loves it so much. It also comes in Pink for all the ladies out there!

2.) Playskool Busy Ball Popper– Piero thinks this toy is SO funny. He pulls up on it and just giggles as he watches the balls pop up and down. It plays a fun sounds and he loves it!

3.) Fat Brain SpinAgain Stacking Toy– I first learned about this toy from my nephew. He is 3.5 and still loves it! It’s a really great interactive toy, it encourages hand eye coordination, and it great for learning.

4.) Battat Pound & Roll Toy– Oh my gosh, Piero absolutely loves this toy! You pound the balls through the holes and watch them roll down. He also loves the little hammer that comes with it. Literally carries it around the house with him. The toy isn’t very big, so it’s easy to store and clean up. He loves it!!

5.) Ball Pit Play Tent– Every kid needs a ball pit, and this one is perfect because its a good size, easy to move around, and the kids think its really fun to go inside! Also might I mention this one is only $20.. no need to spend a ton of money on something like this!

6.) Cream Sherpa “Anywhere” Toddler Chair– First of all, these chairs are so darn cute! But also, kids love them!! I love that you can personalize the chair with the kids name, and also that they will be able to use it for years! The cream is perfect for both, boys and girls! I just love it.

7.) White Mercedes Push Car– Another super cute push car! Yes, we have two push cars, and honestly use both equally! We use the blue one primarily outside, in the backyard, on walks, etc., and this white one has been great to keep indoors! It’s smaller than the blue one so has been a great indoor activity! Lots and lots of laps around the house. If you know you know.. 🙂

8.) Melissa & Doug Puzzles! My sister got Piero this one and this one for his birthday, and he loves them! They are such a great learning tool and something they will play with for years, so these make amazing gifts!!

9.) Baby Balance Bike– is this not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? The picture actually doesn’t even do it justice. It’s so small in person and just so cute! Piero is still trying to figure this out as he’s not walking yet, but soon enough! Amazing gift!

10.) Fisher Price Flashlight– he loves the music and seeing the lights on the wall and ceiling! I already know this is a gift he will love for a long long time!

11.) Chomp goes the Alligator book– You can never go wrong with books! The more books the better and Piero loves this one!

12.) Poke a Dot Books– these books are all so fun!! Even my 3 year old nephew is obsessed so I know it’s something they will get good use out of!

13.) Splash Pond Water Table– We recently ordered this for Piero and I’m so excited about it! It’s interactive, fun, and a good way to get some of that toddler energy out!

14.) VTech Sit-to-stand Walker– Piero is obsessed with this thing!! The front has a super fun play panel with a play telephone, light up buttons, spinning rollers, and other fun things and plays lots of fun music. I think this is a fantastic gift and comes in pink and purple, too!

A few other ideas!

That’s all for now, my friends! I hope that was helpful, and please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions at all!!!!

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